OM T.O. Celebrate the Summer with Yoga


Join Tracey from 4:40-5:20 for a FREE Yoga Class

Sunday June 25th

Outdoors at the Distillery District: Toronto’s Best Teachers & Studios

55 Mill Street Toronto

You have the chance to receive the Journal: 30 Provocative Life Questions with Tracey Soghrati
(150 Journals will be given out during the class)
Yoga Therapy: Breath Pulse

Join Tracey Soghrati for a surprisingly challenging yoga therapy practice.  We will begin the class by moving dynamically and syncing our breath with the rhythm of a drum (with live drummer Sasha Sheybani from Bongoplanet ). The focus will be on pure movement, using functionally intelligent sequences while elongating the breath.  As we move into the second half of the class we will transition into a yin yoga practice.  The focus will be on holding safe integrated stretches for 2-3 minutes while exploring the reactions of the mind. Throughout the class, Tracey will guide students in reflections on our relationships and ability to resolve conflict – Students will leave feeling strong, empowered and inspired.

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