The Purpose is the Process

By Tracey Soghrati  (All Rights Reserved) February 20th, 2018 Four months ago, I started teaching a particular concept in almost all my […]

The Scoop on Yin Yoga

By Tracey Soghrati Why is it called Yin Yoga? The word yin can be defined as a polarity that exists in all […]

Critical Thinking For Yoga Teachers

Dearest yoga teachers, The purpose of this article is to inspire both yoga teachers and yoga practitioners to think critically about the […]

What is Yin Yoga?

What is Yin Yoga? Whether you are a new or seasoned yoga practitioner, the names of yoga classes on any given studio […]

Can Yoga Combat Stress?

Part II: Can yoga mitigate the effects of stress (distress) on our health and wellbeing? An exploration of evidence and practical application […]

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